Cloud services to help businesses like yours succeed.


SimpleFeedback is a cloud-based customer engagement application designed for small business websites and mobile applications. We provide feedback, customer support, and sales & lead management services. Enable your website, WordPress blog, or iOS App to hear the voice of the customer and respond with our easy to use services. 15 days no risks, free trial period. Learn More


- Tony McKenzie -
co-founder, Magiwow, LLC

SimpleFeedback Makes It Easy

Support Cases

Manage customer requests for help with the support case form. Case types give you insight into the types of issues your customers frequently experience.

Sales & Leads

Capture new clients and leads with our sales form. Track deal size and organize your sales activities in your pipeline using stages to increase win rates.

General Inquiries

For general inquiries, the CRM form is an all purpose form for your customers to send you questions about programs you offer your customers.


RGBer iOS App

A free iOS App to see our services in action. RGBer is an universal app for the iPhone or iPad. RGBer lets you determine RGB, HSV, and Hex values for any color using 4 unique tools.

  • RGB Color Mixer -- Choose Red, Green, or Blue and convert to HEX or HSV
  • Gray Scale Picker -- A simple gradient gray selection tool.
  • Photos Library -- Select any color out of a photo from your library.
  • Camera -- Take a photo and pick out any color from the photo.
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About Magiwow

Magnificently simple cloud services to help businesses like yours succeed.

Making you successful

We know small business and have over 3 decades of experience designing and creating solutions for millions of successful small business owners.

Simple solutions to grow your business

We are focused on helping these businesses grow their web and mobile presence, customer loyalty and profits. provides a suite of cloud-based services that helps companies listen and interact with their customers with simple and easy to use tools.

When customers talk, listen completely.
Business success is to hear their voices and act.

- Alan Sun, co-founder, Magiwow, LLC -

Our Founders

  • Tony McKenzie


    Prior to starting Magiwow, LLC, Tony spent 16 years at Intuit, Inc. creating innovative, easy to use solutions for millions of small businesses. Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions in product development, product management and support.

  • Alan Sun


    Alan has held leadership software engineering positions at Intuit, Apple and other top companies. As co-founder of Magiwow, LLC, Alan continues to follow his passion creating innovative software solutions that are easy and enjoyable to use.

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